Current Productions

Here are some of the many exciting projects and new work on the go at Rost Productions ltd:

As well as making and touring new work Rost Productions also worked on an R&D project, ‘Star Stories’, with Vagabondi Puppets and is working in collaboration with Nick Garnett to present the Annual Daydream Harvest.

For costs, availability and any further booking information please email:  

“I love working with Jessica Rost! – Her creativity is inspiring; her ability to vision the incredible, physically build it, and then dress it with an attention to detail that really brings things alive…..  Also her professionalism – I know that as a performer I will be respected, allowed to create and play, but given the parameters I need to work with (as well as incredible structures to ride….)  Also her personality – hard working but generous and fun, as the old song goes: ‘Always a pleasure, never a chore’.”

Cath Rigler, artist & performer, Apr 2018


“Jessica Rost has been an integral part of my career as a freelance artist. She has provided me space to create and a platform to present and promote my work. She is a truly inspirational and multi skilled artist, director and creator as well as a dear friend and it is always a pleasure to work alongside her.” 

Emma Garofalo, artist, Apr 2018


“I have worked with Jessica Rost as a performer, collaborator and choreographer in many of the incredible shows she has directed and produced over the years. She always manages to find her own language, so unique to her work, igniting a different aesthetic in the outdoor arts field and within the sculpture she creates. Her ability to transform objects and create anything from nothing is also very inspiring; all delivered with a serious commitment and passion for the environment. This has had a deep impact not only on me, but on many of my colleagues whom she has worked with.”

Manuela Benini, artist & choreographer, Apr 2018