Peddlers Pack

Peddlers Pack: so many things you never saw before

A Perambulating Outdoor Theatre Show

These five engaging hucksters hawk the fringes and byways conducting their commerce, making connections, interactions and unforgettable transactions; the like of which you could not ever have imagined possible. Come and find them before they find you! 

See film footage here.


Traditionally Peddlers were people who traveled about the countryside selling wares or services. They were often immigrants, outcasts or people on the margins of society. They would offer novelty items, hand-made produce or mending and repair services, often to people who were inaccessible or not able to travel into villages and towns easily.



‘Peddlers Pack: so many things you never saw before’ is a perambulating outdoor show, initially presented as part of MK Festival Fringe and Bedlam Fair, Bath. It involves five characters, who ride five fantastical cycle-driven contraptions, incorporating a specially created soundscape by sound artist Stuart Moore. Each peddler has something extraordinary to offer and although these peddlers are very much of present day and place, they will have a definite other worldliness about them.


Booking information: The show is very interactive and engages all ages and abilities. We would be able to provide 2-3 walkabout performances of the show per day.  Each performance is around 40 minutes. The show takes the form of a short procession/spectacle (about 10 mins of cycling) as the Peddlers ‘ride into town’, followed by a period of interaction in an outdoor space (about 20 mins in the round).


The show finishes with a ‘coming together’ ceremony when audience and participants are asked to join in, after which the Peddlers cycle on their way… The characters and their bikes can also take part in short processions. The terrain needs to be fairly flat, especially off road!

Set up is 1-2 hours and de-rig is 1 hour max. We don’t require any power for the show but it would be useful to have access to power for battery recharging (for battery powered sound). We would require space to set up and parking for Luton van. Ideally we’d need to arrive the day before to be on site in good time to set up on the day. If we do the show over consecutive days it would be helpful if we can leave the set/bikes rigged up overnight somewhere secure.

For costs, availability and any further booking information please email: