Shrine to the Liminal

Shrine to the Liminal is a dedication to our ‘encounters’, our relationships and our connections with other species and with each other, in a time we are forever passing from.

It is an immersive space of sounds and raw light which attempts to slow people down, allowing them to just ‘be’ in the space.

The sound is created from recordings made at twilight and at dawn – liminal times of day when the natural becomes more prominent. The sounds are on differing length loops so that the experience is always changing and never repeats.

The project is on-going and aims to manifest in several iterations at outdoor events and as exhibition pieces this year.

You can see a film of the project installed in a pop-up space in Leeds here.

As part of this project people have been invited to contribute writing for the Companion Eulogies – a small publication of collated writings which accompany the shrines.


The eulogies are attempts to capture in words the moments of ‘otherness’, moments of connection, moments which reach across the ‘abyss’ and are gone forever. If you are interested in having a copy or would like to write something for the next edition please email for more information: