Wingnuts Flying Circus

Wing Nuts Flying Circus: Perambulating Street Theatre Show

‘The Wing Nuts Flying Circus’ is a new piece being created in collaboration with Nick Garnett and ready to present at Outdoor events from April 2019. It is highly interactive; a participatory adventure celebrating the resourcefulness and ‘daring’ spirit of the infamous ‘wing-walkers’ of the 1920’s. The show centers around three amazing bi-plane contraptions, creatively assembled from discarded household objects, bicycle parts and other reclaimed materials but with adaptations which allow performers to ‘wing walk’ and perform other daring acts!

Paying homage to the great age of flight, the cycle-planes will be piloted with expedience and cunning, whilst the brave acrobatic walkers, (with the wind in their hair), attempt stunts never tried before -like having tea, playing tennis, typing letters to their friends…and many other seemingly impossible tasks!

The bi-planes also have mobile soundscapes created by sound artist Stuart Moore.

Booking information: The company is 6 artist/performers plus tech support. The show requires a set-up/ build time of around 1 hour and parking/unloading space for two vans.  There are no particular tech requirements -all sound is battery powered.

For costs, availability and any further booking information please email: